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Neither has she revealed about her boyfriend. The Smallville actress with multiple projects under the belt apparently has a comfy life evidenced by her lavish vacations and fashionable ensemble which cost a huge amount. Allison was born to Mindy and Jonathan Mack with white ethnicity.

The following year, she joined the television series Smallville, playing Clark Kent's best friend Chloe Sullivan. The Mack family moved back to the United States from Germany when she was two years old.

Mack also has a brother named Shannon and a sister named Robyn. When she is not filming, Allison spends her time reuniting with old besties and traveling in different countries.

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So when you come together as a community to achieve one specific goal, its really just a beautiful thing. Not only is Allison an accomplished actress, she is also a good singer and dancer.

In the same year, she voiced the character Clea in an episode of The Batman. Jonathan is an opera singer who was performing there at the time. He is the son of Jonathan and Mindy Mack. Besides, the couple is believed to reside together in their New York house revealed the document in the court.

From her neat pixie-hair do to donning latest and up-to-the-minute ensemble, she has constantly impressed both fashion critics and several leading artists from the industry. She has won many awards for her performances in the series.