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Am i dating a serial cheater

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Such people may find it easiest to simply get better at covering their tracks or may move on to a new spouse to escape any consequences. Perhaps they need to prove to themselves they can have a life without you. There are many years ahead of me of travel, love, exploration, and evolution. Watch out for the guy who is just too smooth. Story continues below advertisement It did weigh on me.

People make mistakes and even good people fall trap to temptation and commit adultery. She mentioned several times her discomfort of feeling dependent of me. In this case it is easier to include even one or two extramarital affairs as part of a sex addiction.

Sex is wonderful, and should be enjoyed like food. She was a fake name in my phone.

If you earn the majority of the money and call most of the shots then it could hurt his pride. Tori and I saw each other at least weekly. My wife and I are separated now. My explorations only enhance my desire for him, as well. In fact, you would probably like me right off the bat.