Tighten down the azimuth bolt

Bell 9241 hook up

Share on Facebook Setting up a Bell satellite dish is not a process that requires professional knowledge or specific expertise. Step Check the mounting area for the Bell satellite dish and ensure it is free of any debris.

Professional installation is availableIf you are supporting

Step Adjust the azimuth of the Bell satellite dish. You can set up your own Bell satellite dish. Many problems with firmware V were reported by readers who lost data, drives and encountered many other difficulties. Sticking it in an enclosed cabinet or right up against several other components is likely to cause problems.

Step Connect the coaxial cable that runs from the Bell satellite dish to the back of your receiver. Many readers have used various drives in external cases with success, however, there is no guarantee that any drive you buy will work. Step Point the Bell satellite dish to the general southern sky. Firmware V appears to have corrected data corruption problems. Set the elevation line with the number on the elevation guide the same way and then tighten the elevation bolt.

To get started you first need to install the dish. Step Adjust the elevation of the Bell satellite dish. Make sure the satellite dish is flush to the mounting area. Do this by loosening the nuts on the elevation bolts on the dish's mast with a wrench.

Professional installation is available, but if you want to do it by yourself, it's not difficult. If you are supporting the base to a wall or on the roof, make sure to screw down the base so it won't be affected by wind. Write down the elevation, skew and azimuth coordinates for your location. Tighten down the azimuth bolt.

Set the azimuth you need by turning the dish until the azimuth line is on the right number. Attempting to do so could result in your drive being reformatted.

Each set of cables has a red, yellow and white plug. Heat is your enemy Like any hard drive, your external hard drive will generate a lot of heat, therefore ensure it is in a well ventilated location. Your external drive must have its own power supply. To minimize the risk of damage to your receiver, its advice we recommend members take.