Thank you Nathan for the hard work

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Thank you to

Thank you to all of my friends many mentioned above, the rest know who they are for their love, kindness and inspiration throughout the years. My guess is that the album title and track listing will be announced by February, and I'll likely release the album early next summer. It was nice to spend my first summer off, in many years, spending time with my girlfriend and her cat, fishing and visiting friends. These guys are something else entirely.

My guess is that the

Both will be released under the Sun Kil Moon moniker, and are very different albums. The album was recorded at hotels to take a break from the dark, windowless atmosphere of studios, and to see how atypical recording environments would affect my music. Thank you to Rough Trade and Redeye for their continued support.

The three previous years were the busiest tour years of my life and it was time to take some time off. But I couldn't and don't know how to stay away from making music.

One of the albums was recorded in hotel rooms in San Francisco throughout the year, with mobile gear, mostly recorded on a Fender Jazzmaster guitar. The lyrics were written on trains and planes between those concert dates and the music was written quickly when we arrived at soundchecks in various cities.