But it came at a heavy price

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Hetfield gradually built confidence as lead vocalist and kept his original role. The second fuck-up might surprise some of you, although it never ended up coming into fruition.

But on the follow-up, Headless Cross, Martin had grown into his role, was a co-writer, and sang with genuine authority. From the definitive metal band, this is the definitive metal album. Instead, they delivered what is arguably the heaviest of all Sabbath albums. James Hetfield nearly abandoned lead vocals. His tin-pot production made Sabbath sound like a pub band.

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The best album Sabbath ever made without Ozzy or Dio. Bill Ward was absent due to a contractual dispute. So, inevitably, Ronnie rejoined Sabbath. Wheels Of Confusion has the complexity of progressive rock. Growing up, they were my favorite band, at least until the release of Load and Reload.

Lars also responded to this controversy. Undaunted by the task of replacing the seemingly irreplaceable, Dio rejuvenated a band that had been in decline for five years. Mob Rules was also the first album the band recorded without Bill Ward, who quit during their tour.

My hard rock world is crumbling. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Sabbath had a blast making Vol. After all the drama, Live Evil turned out okay.

More than just a great album, Vol. Yet, his parts are barely distinguishable on the final product, which has led to many rumors. Many diehard fans thought the album sucked.