In it was renamed Charlotte Amalie

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In it was renamed Charlotte Amalie.

They were concerned over German infiltrationThe city is generally very

The city is generally very warm and humid. They were concerned over German infiltration in the Lesser Antilles. The latter half of the s was also soon hit by a cholera epidemic that killed thousands. Neighboring islands gradually began importing coal directly from producers, and Charlotte Amalie was sidestepped in trade in the early s.

As was the case in most of the Americas, the native population died relatively quickly from disease when the Europeans settled. The tourism has not only led to a growing economy, but also to preservation and conversion of historic buildings and homes. Charlotte Amalie was under U. During the American Civil War in the early s, the town evolved into a smuggling center for ships running the federal blockade of ports in the Confederacy.

Many ancient commercial buildings were made into restaurants and shops. The Danish government supplied convicts to work the plantations but soon allowed colonists from neighboring islands to settle there, as well to permit the importation of slaves from Africa. The spread of hilltop homes overlooking the Caribbean crystal blue waters have been a recent trend as well. That partly made the economy in town to transition from slave trading and agriculture to general commerce. Climate data for Charlotte Amalie Month.