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Benedictine monks settled in towards the end of the th century. Flanking the church on the south side is a equestrian statue of the th century ruler, Matei Corvin.

Michael's Church and was recently restored. The Cluj Tribunal passed a total of death sentences, sentences of life imprisonment, and a range of other sentences. Piata Unirii This church is one of the most beautiful gothic monuments in Transylvania. They're looking for a serious and long-term relationships.

Michael's Church, one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in Romania. The six state and several private universities located here also make Cluj Napoca the city with the largest percentage of student population in Romania. In June Gheorghe Funar was voted out of office.

Across the square, you can visit the Hintz House, which served as Cluj's first and longest-running pharmacy and is now home to the Pharmacy Museum see museum details. For entertainment, spend an enjoyable evening at the Opera or attend a classical music concert offered by the Cluj Philharmonic.

Organ concerts are frequently held in the church. The remaining Germans were assimilated to Hungarians, and the city became a centre for Hungarian nobility and intellectuals.

Despite facing severe sanctions from the Horthy administration, many Jews escaped across the border to Romania with the assistance of Romanian peasants of neighboring villages. The city is known in Hasidic Jewish history for the founding of the Sanz-Klausenburg dynasty.

Organ concerts are frequently

In the southwest corner of the square stands Hotel Continental, built in in an eclectic style combining Renaissance, classical and baroque elements. Until the official Romanian name of the city was Cluj. This is the first epigraphical attestation of the settlements of Potaissa and Napoca in Roman Dacia. The Firemen's Tower is the other defending tower that has survived for more than fivecenturies. The star-shaped vault, the stained-glass windows and the sculptures impress with their beauty and grandeur.

The remaining Germans

The church, one of the largest in southeastern Europe, is a perfect illustration of the late gothic architectural style. Created in by the masters Martin and George of Cluj, the statue of St. Nowadays, this is the largest university in Romania.

Full of life and love motorbiking, photography, and many games and sports. The name refers to an Austrian fortress built here in the th century to ensure control, rather than defense, of the city.