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Arriving at the scene, she found herself confronting a murderer known as The Mirror, whose modus operandi was to kill people who survived major accidents. In order to prevent Batman from killing his adversary, Oracle initiates the Clock Tower's self-destruct sequence, provoking Batman to rescue her rather than continue the battle. She struggles to keep the identities of the world's heroes from being stolen and coordinates the response to a global crisis engineered by the Calculator, a villainous hacker and information broker. Thankfully, the couple rescued the two before they could fall though Barbara had to correct them as they accidentally called her Batwoman.

Although Oracle overpowers Brainiac and expels him from her body, the advanced virus delivered by him remains despite his absence. Although permanently retired, Barbara Gordon's incarnation as Batgirl remains one of the most popular and high profile characters of the Silver Age of Comic Books. Eventually, Spy Smasher is forced to admit her defeat and returns control of the Birds of Prey organization to Oracle. Like Batman, Barbara Gordon originally used a wide variety of computer electronics and gadgets during her early adventures as Batgirl. While Grayson and Drake battle the Black Lanterns, Robin takes the Gordon's to their underground base where Alfred Pennyworth tends her and her father's wounds.

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They form the nucleus of the Birds of Prey organization. Barbara and her father are forced to fight for their lives as they witness the Black Lanterns are massacring everyone on sight at Gotham Central.

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Unfortunately, they both fail and those affected ended up mindless slaves of Darkseid. Although she occasionally partners with Robin, she more frequently works with Jason Bard, a Vietnam War veteran with a chronic knee injury who becomes a private detective. Barbara is later approached by Huntress and Renee Montoya the new Question for help in tracking down a mysterious criminal who ordered a hit on them through Philo Zeiss.

The virus steadily causes cybernetic attachments to sprout all over her body. Devoid of her plain-Jane glasses and hair bun, Barbara dates a succession of boyfriends, including Vietnam-veteran-turned-private-investigator Jason Bard. She moves to Washington, D. Alex Ross and Paul Dini have made attempts to return the character to her original conception.

The next morning, despite James Gordon's parental protests, Barbara moves away from home, moving in with another girl with a more independent streak. Her back-up stories appear sporadically in Detective Comics until the mids.

Kim Yale and John Ostrander picked up the character and made her into a brilliant master computer operator and one of the most fascinating characters in comics. Valid assessments are possible only with careful study and analysis of the range of unique conditions affecting each local law enforcement jurisdiction. Both Yale and Ostrander would oversee the development of Barbara Gordon's new persona as Oracle for the next several years. After her back-up series of stories ended, Barbara Gordon continued to be Batgirl, but increasingly felt inconsequential in a world filled with super-powered heroes. Denny shot it down, because, according to him, everybody loves Barbara Gordon as Oracle and as a handicapped character.

She was like a pesky girl version of Robin. However, she soon realizes that her aptitude for and training in information sciences have provided her with tremendous skills that could be deployed to fight crime. Gordon is also written as having a genius-level intellect and naturally possessing a photographic memory.

There are countless examples of Batman employing that which is only theoretical in his fight against crime. She manages to defeat Calculator, curing the Anti-Life Equation's fragments. Rather than allow the character to fall into obscurity, the two decided to revive her as a character living with a disability.