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Private wards were available on payment. East Parade is known as Dickenson Road, and is a very busy Commercial sector of Bangalore where lots of posh offices are situated.

It has been probably demolished to make room for more modern buildings of the Commercial kind. In conection with the above, Admiral Dawson Retd made an extensive study and documented the Protestant Cemetery. Tobacco and Cigarette manufacture is carried out here. The other three were near Hebbal, Fort and Lalbagh.

The Pavilion is an upstair building facing the cricket pitch. Patrick's Cathedral has returned to St. Bangalore was the Headquarters for the Army that was stationed in the Madras District, and numerous offices connected with the same were housed in the same block. When, how and why it came here is unknown but there was speculation that it was part of the spoils in Chinese Wars in which troops from Bangalore participated. Today this building does not exist.

It was well equipped with modern instruments and a Laboratory was attached to it. It solved to some extent the problem of beggars, and people supported them. One wing was set apart for Europeans and Anglo-Indians. This Chruch was used by Soldiers, Officers, and their families.

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It was maintained by the Municipality. There are so many architecture styles used in the construction of the tombs and one really wonders as to the origin. The repair and renovation work started in and the Church was again used for Worship. All communities in the Area support this feast.

The Kempe Gowda Tower was historically interesting. The Society's affairs were managed by a representative committee. Electricity was just introduced into Bangalore. Servanton it was accommodated in a new building of its own.

He was enamoured by the book and formed one of India's first Scout groups for native boys. Next to this is the Free Library for the poor, aged, pensioners of St.

The first successful attempt of opening a Y. Undertakers or Sculptors as there were known in those days like S.

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He wrote to Baden-Powell about this discrepancy. It also provided a Home for the aged, infirm and destitute, where they were clothed and lodged.