Daff smartshanghai dating

Daff smartshanghai dating

Insulate my ceiling here in Shangri-La. Live to see the year anniversary of my first solo exhibition in Macau. This started a terrific year with many exciting things happening in Shanghai. Complete a three-dimensional installation version of my ink motion video series.

One of the other best

There have been new advancements in art and dining, trends influencing the international fashion scene and nightlife openings and closings en masse.

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It amazes me to think that slack key guitar is now being played in such distant places. One of the other best memories for Fuchs over the course of was finding a local distillery near his home in Shangri-La that produces pure untainted local barley whisky in the old manner. In addition, Ng feels has been a positive year for her, in stimulating creativity to work with new mediums. More time slurping tea in the mountains.