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Obedient Catholics have cause to distrust me. After spending four years at a large state university where I was heavily involved in the Catholic Student Center, I enrolled in a Roman Catholic seminary to be a diocesan priest. But theoretically this is about what his vocation actually is.

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At a regular college, students can choose whether to live in a dorm, or to live off campus. Mary Seminary who lost his job after complaints to Rome from a conservative Catholic lawyer in Cincinnati.

Some of the priests who are now administrators and pastors in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati attended the seminary while I was there, for example the Rev. One night I returned from a prayer meeting to find a mock satanic ritual underway in my dorm room.

But the more I hear about on-again, off-again seminarians and how they treat their interim girlfriends, the madder I get. On the surface, the argument might seem reasonable. Burns, who studied philosophy at St. Humor at the seminary could be, well, devilish.