It appears to be well made

Dating daisy 1000

Mine is custom painted, and has a tactical camouflage paint scheme. It is a breakbarrel gun, pellet gets inserted where the rear sight is.

The scope mounts are awesome, they do not need to be re-tightened, and they keep the scope in place very firmly. Only drawback for me is difficulty in cocking.

That's from a standing position using a tree to rest my forward hand on. The scope mounts arnt made to come on and off. Crossman Pointed Hollowpoints I saw an immediate drastic improvemnent. If and when I get serious with this gun, I will get a better scope and mounts.

Plus it is stiff to break at first but that clears up after a couple of shots. Loctite is a very good idea and I'll be adding it to my scope screws in the near future. It takes a bit of strength to cock but, that's the price you pay for a gun with this velocity. Spray foam and a small drill bit and the noise is drastically reduced.

Hard to break the berrel at first but it loosens up after a while. The problem could be any number of things and I would recommend getting in touch with our returns department or Daisy for more complete trouble shooting. It will sve you a blister or two. Now I can actually adjust the trigger.

Very accurate and the scope stop on the barrel is very helpful since the gun does have a bit of a large recoil. As with all spring piston air rifles there is a lot of vibration so you have to tighten the screws after every shots or so.

It's no Leopold but, it does the job and is clear enough. ConsTakes some strength to cock but gets easier with time.

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