One is just as good as the other

Dating fire king marks

What you have is called an After Market piece. They are stamped with the date and have a foil label.

All of Fire-King dinnerware patterns were advertised as Heat-Resistant. Where evilness using creatures from legends to force a scene so traumatic it will leave you emotionally vulnerable.

At first glance they may appear to be identical, but the McKee shakers are slightly taller and have wider necks. Sapphire Blue ovenware was used in many kitchens for many years, and still is. But the ones in good condition are very collectible.

Starting out by pursuing

Tomkat specializes in selling Depression glass, elegant glass, Fire-King, Pyrex, pottery and dinnerware. The result was that authentic Fire King pieces made at the same point in time may or may not be embossed. His advice to collectors, beginning and advanced alike, is simple. Most Fire King glass lines are embossed on the bottom.

Older ones had a

Starting out by pursuing common pieces gives collectors much-needed experience for spotting cracks and flaws in authentic Fire-King, as well as what comes from the factory. Older ones had a more matte finish. Federal and Anchor-Hocking are separate companies. The light green color often varied since it was made from used beverage bottles and slag junk glass from other workstations.

Some collectors will add miscellaneous pieces to their collection, while others will try to collect enough of a favorite pattern to create full place settings for their table. Most of the pieces that I have collected so far have numbers on the back next to the Fire King mark. Do some research before beginning your collection. The darkness of a jade-ite item is a result of the amount of impurities it contains. All Anchor-Hocking glass marked heat proof is Fire-King, whether it is so marked or not.

These are still the most popular, but Fire-King made other very attractive and collectible ovenware and dinnerware patterns. Some of my square Jadite kitchen shakers are tall and some are short. Jadite is a generic term for the jade-colored glass produced by many manufacturers of the era. This reader suggests reading at least Elf hunter first, as this will set the scene for this novella.