They had a really crazy nightlife

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Just like Dongdaemun and Namdaemun, there were stores against stores selling their clothes. For example, of the multitude of face product shops, my favorite is Etude House because they always give free samples of their other products when I buy things, and they have a point rewards card. Korean girls also love cake. After living in Korea, and understanding their way of life, I realized how being on an island could really isolate me from the rest of the world. Working Koreans are usually always at work and hardly have any free time.

Restaurants are also another type of business that amazed me how some can still stay in business when there are just so many options. Apparently there are some people that go to the club just to practice that synchronized dancing and teach others. Basically there were always people out drinking no matter what day it was, Monday to Sunday. No matter how hot it was outside, I would never wear sleeveless tops because it was not normal to see Koreans wearing that style.

There is practically a cafeteria or some kind of eating place in every single building. Every restaurant we tried, it never failed us. Many times there were so many one-size fits all items, usually made of that stretchy material, that I came to notice the typical Korean style.

In Hawaii, there are only a couple boutiques spread out throughout the island. At the Greek restaurant, the owner was making conversation with us and was really nice, asking us questions and sharing his experiences abroad. Then to certain songs, they also have synchronized dancing so I asked them to teach me. One of my oppas worked at an investment bank, Hana Bank, in the Mergers and Acquisitions department and he would work on Saturdays until midnight. My email is kaylanip hawaii.

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