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You may post these in a self-post that has relevant information from the link. You woke up the next day feeling dazed and confused.

Job postings and items for sale are allowed, but must be submitted in self-post form links are allowed in self-posts. Now, more than ever, marriage is happening later in life. Sometimes this works out, and that couple ends up living happily ever after. Sure, looks play an important part when a man chooses his wife, but there are many other things a guy is looking for in a wife. Our Irvine matchmakers here at Orange County Singles know exactly what single men in Orange County are looking for in a future wife.

It has to do with your personality and the way you treat him. And trust us, it has nothing to do with hair style, amazing nails, or five inch heels. Bullying, harassment, doxxing, or Trolling may result in a ban. Rules Posts should directly relate to Orange County, California. So let our Irvine matchmakers show you what single men in Orange County look for in their future wifey.

Here at Orange County Singles, we know the hookup culture and dating apps are probably to blame for that. If your goal is to get this person to ask you out, or for you to ask them out, then you need to make sure you excite them enough to spark their curiosity.

Other times the cheating partner

One post per discussion topic. Other times, the cheating partner does it again. This article is going to help you understand what men really look for in a wifey. At the very least, we all know someone who has been cheated on before. Meetups must also be in self-post form.

One post per discussion

You might not be as ready for love as you think you are. You are not exclusive yet but you are almost there. Due to recent abuse, you may only post once per day Exceptions can be made and are up to mod approval.