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Unfortunately I have not heard back until today for a while came the e-mails, it is now again but I get no response. She has told, that will make all from her dependent that my documents were ready in time. We also found that one lady was married. Jack has made for you a copy of my passport of the identification card that you were confident me. Would like to know more about you.

My full name is Tatiyana Pavlova. She to me has told, if I am going to go abroad to me in the beginning it is necessary to receive the passport for travel abroad which I at present have no. She wrote to a man outside the agency and told the man that all the letters at the agency were faked by her.

My love for you is my life now. The agencies were not necessarily to blame - the lady was very clever but not clever enough for us Main. Especially the contract consists in agency. We have written to us almost daily. They guarantee to me in promised term under the contract to make to me all documents, after the conclusion of the contract.

Some ladies married or have boyfriend. Know, that I of you never I shall leave one and always I shall be near to you, because you for me The most dear the man which I love more than the life. We both are looking for a life-time partner. He and his wife were writing the letters and in a letter to a man asked him to send money urgently to her mother who was very sick.

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We dont want to work with this agency - they are scammers. She also called herself Olga when her name is supposed to be Svetlana. Ladies have no idea who is writing them and what happens with their accounts.