That just happens to be the case

Dating undergrads

Lance, Mark's boyfriend who also attends State U. He is a short and overweight.

Craig Voiced by James Kee is the leader of Rocko's fraternity. All episodes were directed by Jerry Popowich No.

Charity Voiced by Katie Griffin is Jessie's air-head roommate. One reason why these prohibitions exist is to diminish the possibility of favoritism. Aside from Gimpy and Mump themselves, none of this group are identified by name.

The location in the show has never been named. Unfortunately, girls don't tend to ask guys out in general, so that never happened. The character is voiced by Jene Yeo, upon whom the character is based.

He often introduces himself when entering

The Rights and Liberty of Conscience. She has a brief fling with Cal when Gimpy uses him to distract her.

Rob Brodie Voiced by Josh A. He often introduces himself when entering a room, even to people he knows.

Rob Brodie Voiced